Nelson Grey Power is a Lobby Organization promoting the welfare and well-being of all citizens over the age of 50.

Grey Power are billed as the “voice of the over 50s” and have successfully lobbied for improved driver licensing schemes for elderly people, a rates rebate scheme and improved health care.

Grey Power has a large influence in New Zealand due to the significant number of people who are over 60.

Our mission is to be the appropriate voice for all New Zealanders.

A Little History

As a voluntary organisation, Grey Power was founded 30 years ago in the February of 1986 by those who, in the early days, were angry at the imposition of the surcharge on New Zealand Superannuation.

Originally formed as the Auckland Superannuitants Association, Grey Power has gone from strength to strength.

Today there are up to 65,000 financial members that stem from more than 76 Associations throughout the country.

Nelson Grey Power is one of these Associations

How Grey Power Works

Nelson Grey Power is one of 76 Associations that make up the Grey Power Federation. All Associations have two votes at our Annual Conference. Those votes decide what the Board does to take the members wishes forward over the next year.

In other words, the ‘majority rules’.

Grey Power is one of the very few organisations who have direct access to the Prime minister, Cabinet Ministers and in fact any members of Parliament.

The Board itself acts as an advocate on behalf of all of the Associations (who represent our Members) when we approach the government.

Why Become a Member?

AdvocacyGrey Power strives to improve living standards, benefits and equal work opportunities for those over 50 years.

Grey Power is now New Zealand wide.

The aging of New Zealand’s population will see people spending up to a quarter of their lives in retirement.

Never before has there been so much insecurity over health, safety within one’s home and the cost of living.

It is increasingly evident that people aged over 50 years need a united voice if their circumstances on reaching the age of retirement are not to be jeopardised.

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