The meeting commenced at 2.00pm.


38 attendees.


Vice President Kevin Gardener welcomed everyone and apologised to the membership regarding President Gordon Currie’s absence.


Gordon and Carole Currie, Nigel Bailey, M Alac, Peter Crichton.  Moved Pam Schouten, 2nd Anne Bell, carried.

Appoint Scrutineers.

Pam Schouten, Jean van Gingkel.


An engraved tray was shown which will be given to Gordon Currie thanking him for his 22 years of involvement with Grey Power locally, regionally and nationally. A posy of flowers was to be given to Carole thanking her for her support.

President’s Report.

Read by George Truman and was presented in the March magazine

2016 AGM Minutes.

The 2016 minutes were tabled and taken as read. Moved by Linda O’Dea, 2nd Sue Gardener, carried. (Copy attached)

Matters Arising.

There were no matters arising.

Annual Accounts.

Presented by George Truman, moved by George Truman, 2nd Sue Sara, carried.

Subscriptions were down by 6%, Income was down by 15% on previous year. The discount book was not included. Shifting from NZ Post to DX Mail for postage means that the magazine is down to 43 cents per copy.

Other costs are:

Premises at $250 per week , salaries close to $30,000 and expenses are down $66,256 and Nelson Grey Power has managed to save $6,396.

The Balance Sheet shows that the accounts are in good heart through careful management.

The Budget.

The budget  is based on 8,000 members which is a 10% increase on 2016.  Salaries will rise to $37,000 when a second person is employed in the office. There was no further discussion on either the Balance Sheet or Budget. The Budget was moved by George Truman,  2nd Joy Beggs, carried.

There were no questions regarding the balance sheet or budget.

Appointment of Reviewer.

George Truman moved that David King, B.Com be appointed, 2nd Pam Coltman, carried.

Election of Officers.

As there were no other nominees the results are:  President Christine Tuffnell,  Vice President Kevin Gardener, Treasurer George Truman,  Secretary Linda O’Dea, with the committee of Pauline Daly, Bob Hancock, Sue Sara, Nigel Bailey, Anne White, Pam Coltman


Remit 1.  Sitting Committee Term

Presented by Nigel Bailey that the membership consider increasing the term of the sitting committee from one year to two years and holding committee elections every two years. The Rationale was that he believed a longer sitting term for the committee is required because it takes up to 12 months for new members to become comfortable with the working of a committee. Moved Kevin Gardener, 2nd Sue Sara.  A discussion followed with George Truman, Pam Coltman, Pam Schouten and Kevin Gardener disagreeing with the remit.  Linda O’Dea agreed with the remit. At the vote the remit was lost with 1 abstaining.

Remit 2.  Annual Subscription.

A remit was presented by George Truman to increase the double subscription from $25 to $30. This would take place from 1st April 2018. The rationale was: that the second person’s $5 goes straight to Federation with no financial gain to NGP.  We carry 2,500 members for nothing except to build up our numbers.  If the increase goes ahead it should amount to $10,000 per year.  Moved by Kevin Gardener, 2nd Dorothy Rose Palleson, carried.

Other Matters.

Bob Hancock commended Kim Harding our office administrator for her work in the office, managing the volunteers in the office and her work with the magazine and discount book.

Cynthia McConville asked about whether Nelson Grey Power paid tax and if it had registered charitable status. George Truman answered saying that we do pay GST and income tax and we were in the process of applying to the Charities Commission for charitable status.

New President Christine Tuffnell asked the elected committee to briefly introduce themselves to the members.  Christine then spoke ‘about making a good life possible’ introducing her plans for Nelson Grey Power, strengthening bonds with Age Concern and Stoke Seniors, and working  closely with the Nelson City Council, Tasman District  Council, focusing on lobbying and advocacy and addressing issues for the 50+.

Mike Rodwell gave thanks to the committee for running a friendly meeting.

Pam Coltman thanked Kevin Gardener for running the meeting.

The meeting closed at 2.57pm

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