Christine Tuffnell
Christine Tuffnell

Hello everyone

Making a good life possible will be our mission at Nelson Grey Power

How do we make a good life possible? Through lobbying decision makers – members of parliament, city and district councils, the health board, government departments, community services and businesses.

To be effective lobbyists and advocates for our members we need you to tell us your needs, opinions, ideas and feedback to us your experience with government and local policies and services.

As your president I want to strengthen our communication, information sharing, and feedback links with you, Nelson Grey Power members, and as a result improve the coverage and content of our lobbying of decision makers.  To be effective we need not only improved information flows between Nelson Grey Power members and the committee, but also a committee and staff who work as a team.

I want each committee member to be in a position to use their knowledge and skills to Nelson Grey Power’s best advantage.

Committee members have taken up responsibility for portfolios specific to their knowledge, skills, and aspirations.

We need to grow our membership. The more our membership – the stronger our lobbying voice. We don’t just want to be a voice – but a choir!

We need to know more about the needs of our members, and particularly pre-retirement members – the 50 – 65 year olds – soon to be 67 year olds!

As the largest Grey Power association in New Zealand we need to maintain our relationship with Grey Power nationally and continue to influence national Grey Power policy.

When joining any organisation people ask:

What’s in it for me?

Why be a member of Nelson Grey Power?

I know many members join for the discount booklet, Grey Power electricity scheme, and other benefits, but the real work of Grey Power is advocacy and lobbying.

Nelson Grey Power is the only financially independent organisation lobbying on behalf of people over 50 in our area. Our funding comes from member subscriptions. Because of this financial independence we do not feel the need to refrain from comment because of obligation to an external funder.

Nelson Grey Power is its own master, and as such, it can be an effective lobby and systemic advocate for older people.

With your membership Nelson Grey Power can lobby to influence rationing and gate keeping criteria which often result in discrimination, disadvantage, and isolation of older people and establishment of barriers to the older person being able to achieve or maintain a good life.

So our success in making a good life possible rests with you and all people over 50 joining Nelson Grey Power.

Your membership makes the important work of Grey Power possible.

Thank you to members who attended Nelson Grey Power’s AGM in April and those who have volunteered to serve as your committee for the coming year. I take up the role of President of Nelson Grey Power with big shoes to fill.

Christine Tuffnell


Nelson Grey Power.

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