Nelson Grey Power is an independently Incorporated Society serving people over the age of fifty.

Members receive benefits from membership:

* Use of Nelson Grey Power discount book – which gives more than one hundred business discounts and is updated and republished biennially.

* Membership infers automatic  Free $2000 accidental death & dismemberment insurance.

* Provides an avenue for bringing concerns and ideas for improving welfare and wellbeing of our members.

* Opportunity to meet with other members and socialise and form friendships.

* Access to a wide range of information brochures and education/learning opportunities.

* Opportunities to volunteer in the work of Nelson Grey Power.

Why Nelson Grey Power is more important than ever:

The age structure of the New Zealand population is changing.
We now have an increasing proportion of our population in the older age groups.
In 2017 we had 607,000 people over 65 years of age and 73,000 people over 85 years of age. In 2061 there will be 1.5 million people over 65 years of age and 360,000 people over 85 years of age. Life expectancy is increasing – around 87 years at present.
By 2038 one in five Tasman residents will be 75 years old or over.
There will be twice as many older people as there are children.
This is the first time in history that this population change has occurred and it is likely that older people will need to stay in the workforce longer than they do at present.
Nelson Grey Power is an organisation working to ensure that, in the context of such drastic population changes, the welfare and wellbeing of older people remains a prime concern.

Nelson Grey Power today:

Nelson Grey Power Association is one of seventy six Grey Power Associations in New Zealand
affiliated to the New Zealand Grey Power Federation. The membership strength of the Associations combined is around 65,000.
Nelson  Grey Power has the largest membership of the New Zealand Grey Power Associations with a membership of around 7000 older persons.

In October 2017 we undertook a major survey of our members.
The survey form and results can be viewed in the Nelson Grey Power Magazine (NGP Magazine) site on this website.
The survey form is in the September 2017 issue, whilst the survey results are in the December 2017 issue.

The Nelson Grey Power Committee has used the results of the survey to inform our discussions with other organizations, institutions, other bodies and the public of the needs of older persons in our Nelson/Tasman community, and to inform our cooperation with other organisations doing similar charitable work eg. Age Concern, Stoke Seniors.

Where Nelson Grey Power came from:

It all began on Monday 26th August 1985 as the Nelson Superannuants Association
set up in response at that time to oppose the national superannuation Sur Tax.
By 1987 the focus was around Goods and Services Tax being levied on local body rates and in 1989 on increasing cost of living for those on fixed income. In 1990 the Nelson Superannuants Association went into recess but then reformed in 1992. In 1994 the name was changed to Nelson Grey Power and the organisation became affiliated to the national Grey Power Federation.

Nelson Grey Power independence:

Nelson Grey Power became an independently Incorporated Society on 15 June 1998 under its own Constitution. The Objects of Nelson Grey Power Association Inc. are:

(a) To advance, support and protect the welfare and wellbeing of older persons.

(b) To educate older persons to help them maintain their independence.

(c)  To encourage and support older persons to retain their involvement with the greater
community as useful citizens with the ability to contribute to the common good.

(d)  To make the wider community aware of the value of older people and their importance in
society as a whole.

(e) To educate and inform organizations, institutions, other bodies and the public of the
needs of older persons and their ability to contribute to the community.

(f) To cooperate with any other organisation carrying out charitable work similar to that of the
Nelson Grey Power.

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