Grey Power Policy Summaries

The following is a summary of each of Grey Power’s policies.  All of the policy statements (viewed here) have been adopted by the Grey Power Federation Board at its meeting of September 2014.

All of the policies are living documents and are subject to review at the Board meeting immediately prior to each Federation AGM.


To promote a fair and equitable ACC system for New Zealanders.

Grey Power will:

  1. Advocate for a clear definition of what fair treatment means for older people when they need to use the ACC system
  2. Advocate for ACC surcharges to be removed
  3. Advocate for more on-going entitlement information regarding ACC for New Zealanders
  4. Provide as much information as possible for its members in its quarterly magazine regarding ACC

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Aged Care

To work to ensure the safety and well-being of all older people in care, whether in their own homes or in care facilities.

Grey Power will:

  1. Promote adoption of the recommendations of the “Caring Counts” report
  2. Advocate for those requiring residential or home care to receive adequate, on-going assessment of their needs and the appropriate level of care
  3. Encourage aged care providers to improve the standard of training for aged care workers
  4. Work with other agencies to establish an Aged Care Commissioner to deal with elder abuse
  5. Urge political parties to support the provision of a living wage for aged care workers

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Election Strategy Policy

Policy Mission

To take every opportunity to promote agreed policies that advance, support and protect the welfare of older people in New Zealand during local and central government election campaigns

Policy Aims

  • To emphasise and define relevant, timely issues clearly following instruction from the AGM,
  • To set strategies in place on how to influence political party policy.
  • To create a precise work-plan to cover all aspects of the election strategy

Policy goals

  • Work with associations and others to ensure that as much evidence and information as possible is collected to demonstrate that the issues are problematic
  • Obtain as much information as possible on appropriate strategies to influence political party policy
  • Write a detailed work-plan to ensure an efficient election strategy process and provide copy to associations

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Grey Power believes energy (electricity, gas, solid and liquid fuel) should be produced, delivered and used in the most effective ways possible and at a cost that is affordable to the domestic consumer.

Energy supplies should, as far as possible, be reliable and secure, and energy prices stable, undistorted and at a level that reflects their strategic importance to New Zealand.

Grey Power strongly supports the development of a sustainable, secure and equitable energy industry and electricity in particular must be made an essential service.

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To protect and promote the health of New Zealanders through the public health system.

We will strive to have a Parliamentary Accord on health that interprets the declared will of the majority of the citizens of New Zealand and not a system that reflects the aspirations of any current government.

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Grey Power NZ Federation Inc. Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Policy                

Policy Mission

To ensure that older people in New Zealand are not disadvantaged if the New Zealand Government signs the TPP agreement.

Problems the policy addresses

  1. Lack of democracy because this agreement is being negotiated in secret.
  2. The possibility that the availability of and the ability to purchase good quality, inexpensive medicines and medical devices may be lost by Pharmac.

Policy Solutions

  1. 1.Inform the relevant decision-makers of our opposition to the way the TPP is being negotiated

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To maintain and improve housing options for older persons.

Grey Power recognizes that there is little provision of small, high quality, low maintenance housing units suitable for elderly residents living outside retirement villages and recommends the establishment of a coalition of like-minded organisations concerned with improving the amount and quality of housing.

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Law and Order

To seek a fairer justice system encompassing all people in New Zealand and to strive to make people safe in their homes and on the streets.

Grey Power aims to address such areas as reducing the availability of alcohol, striving for better drug and alcohol treatment, increasing awareness in regards to scams that affect the elderly, encourage the use of security devices in all residences and to seek a fairer justice system which provides more effective solutions for those involved in crime.

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Local Bodies

The mission of this policy is to establish an equitable funding system for local bodies and assist Associations in their involvement with their local body.

The views, needs and concerns of older New Zealanders have no influence on local council policies. This needs to be addressed.

Also to be addressed are the methods of local body funding currently in use. These methods disadvantage those on low and fixed incomes.

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Retirement Villages

Grey Power’s aim is to ensure that all people living in retirement villages are treated fairly.

This includes providing better understanding by residents of their commitments when signing retirement village agreements, ensuring there is no conflict of interest or lack of authority for statutory supervisors regarding protection of occupants rights and, if residents qualify financially, they need to be able to claim a rates rebate in all regions.

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Social Services

All persons in New Zealand should have access to, and be accurately informed of, all entitlements, initiatives or changes that affect them.

Equal opportunity must exist in all areas of Social Services to ensure a fair and equitable standard of living for all.

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Superannuation to be a state tax funded scheme payable at the age of 65 years that allows the retired person an adequate income to live in reasonable comfort and dignity, and be able to participate fully in the community.

That superannuation be accepted as an entitlement and non-means tested. This income should include a special provision to provide for the needs of the person living alone. A multi-party Superannuation Accord should secure the scheme.

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